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We Specialize In The Customization And Jeeps For Sale In Dabwali

Welcome to a one-stop-shop for all Jeep Modifications and restorations in Punjab, India! We worked as jeep modifiers for more than 10 years by meeting the needs of word of mouth clients. Now we are ready to take orders online and modify jeeps of Punjab.

Modified Jeeps provides a range of services for your jeep. Jeep upgrades, body and paint changes, and other jeep services are all done at modified jeep in Punjab dabwali.


Features of Modified Jeeps

Enhanced Suspension

Your jeep’s performance goes up and changes the way you drive on the road. We apply this feature to any of the jeeps available in the market.

Tyre change

We can install high-end rugged tyres that are durable and highly tactile on the off roads. You can walk into our shop in Punjab and choose the best tyres for your jeep

Sports Seats

Choose from the best collection of sports seats that are incredibly comfy and supportive on the rough roads of Punjab. Our experts will substitute them for nicer seats at an affordable price.


Popular performance modification to boost your engine and create sheer power. Turbochargers force in more air and make your existing engine increase speed and acceleration.

Paint Jobs

Is the paint on your jeep faded or scratched? Don’t fret, Modified Jeeps can entirely change how your jeep looks and give it the color you desire.

Bumper Change

Add extra level of security to your vehicle and at the same time have a majestic look. Also you get next-level mounting options for your headlights and solid recovery option to work with during emergencies.

Let Us Revamp And Build Your Dream Jeep

Call us today to get your ultimate customized Jeep.


Modify Jeeps is a friendly and highly respected jeep modifier in Punjab

We specialize in the customization and jeeps for sale in MogaPunjab. Be it you want to modify a brand new jeep straight out of the showroom or you want a facelift for your old jeep, Modify Jeep is well equipped and skilled to offer you best looking and performing Punjab modified jeeps.

Please view the ‘Modify Jeeps’ section to know the full scope of what type of modifications we offer.


With the in-house customer support team, we respond to our customers quickly and are available 24/7

Scope Of Jeep

We believe that no jeep is perfect. So we are always ready to modified jeep from Punjab as per your personal liking.

Jeep Interiors

Any modified jeep in Punjab dabwali has brilliant and attractive interior designs & add other interior elements.

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If you have any queries, contact us. We are available 24/7 for our customers to help at every level and detail.

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